Time for change — and a hot cup of joe!

JournalSpace, the outfit that has been carrying my blog for the past few years has crashed. Irreparably, they tell us: all of the data on their servers has been overwritten, perhaps by a disgruntled former employee.

The good news it that I get to start all over again. The bad news, of course, is that I have to start all over again.

I have most of my old posts on file, which I may revive from time to time. As any of my former readers can tell you, I haven’t been posting as much these days as when I started. Now, I have to learn how WordPress protocol works, which might take a while.

For now, I’d like to thanks the folks at JournalSpace, who tried hard. There were numerous problems, like “features” I never could get to work properly, but we can now all blame that on the previous administration.

I don’t really promote this blog; I just use it to share the occasional thought, beef, or enthusiasm.

Welcome aboard, or welcome back; whichever applies.

* * *

In Wednesday’s L.A. Times “Food” section, the ever-reliable food critic and Queen of the Expense Accounts, S. Irene Virbila, recounts some of the expensive places she’d written about during the past year. One of those discoveries was a coffee house in Silver Lake. After describing the cafĂ© as “ultra-cool,” and pointing out that

…you can indulge in a cup of joe brewed to order in a pricey Clover machine, a perfect espresso or latte. Or a glass of coffee infused with orange and set, literally, on a pedestal

Virbila enthuses,

But my favorite is the Japanese siphon, “performed” by a waiter who boils water in a glass receptacle over a Bunsen burner until it rises into an upper chamber filled with ground coffee beans, mingles and then falls back into the bottom as perfectly brewed coffee.

Virbila must be a young woman: back in my day, that was the process used most often. We called the device a percolator.

If Ms. Virbila had recognized as much, she could have invoked the word “retro.” And how cool would that be?