One degree from “American Idol”?

Adam Lambert, the “American Idol” runner-up (who was robbed, I tell you, robbed). was named Artist of the Year in “Hollywood Life’s” Young Hollywood Awards (I know; I’d never heard of ’em, either).

Following the ceremony, according to Movieline, Lambert exclaimed to the assembled press,

“This is crazy. Last year I was living in a studio apartment at Wilcox and Melrose, and worried about whether or not I’d be able to get into Teddy’s.”

Well, everybody in Hollywood lives where someone famous has lived: starlet Luana Patten lived in one of my apartments several years before I had (the building had been built by character actor Guy Kibbee), and my neighbors at the place I lived before I moved where I am now included McLean Stevenson, animation pioneer Dave Fleischer, novelist-to-be Lorna Landvik and her husband, Robin Williams (it was rumored), and Art Fein.

But when I first moved to Hollywood, to take a job at the Capitol Record Club circa 1969, I lived for a year in a bachelor apartment (with an unvented heater, a Murphy bed and a stove with a nonoperational pilot light) at the corner of Melrose and Wilcox.

Maybe now they’ll declare it a historical monument!