Back to the till — er, beach

pet sounds

You’d think that the 1997 Pet Sounds Sessions box would have covered it. But then you’re underestimating the cravenness of the record biz. Take this barely-rewritten press release from the company that controls the Beach Boys’ masters.

“Capitol/UMe’s Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Edition will be released in June [2016], including a 4CD/Blu-ray Audio collectors edition presented in a hardbound book, featuring the remastered original album in stereo and mono, plus new hi res instrumental and 5.1 surround mixes, as well as session outtakes, alternate mixes, previously unreleased live recordings and hi res stereo and mono mixes; a 2CD and digital deluxe edition pairing the remastered album in stereo and mono with highlights from the collectors edition’s additional tracks; a remastered, 180-gram LP editions of the album in mono and stereo with faithfully replicated original artwork.”

Now, they’ve really exhausted the lode, right? Not so fast, seaweed-breath.

Some suggestions for future editions:

  • Capitol hasn’t yet reissued the ®Duophonic (i.e., fake stereo) version of the album. That’s be a nifty addition to the 60th anniversary box.
  • For the 75th anniversary edition, they could include a goat, like those on the cover of the original album.
  • For the 100th anniversary edition — a big one — perhaps they can include a vial containing some of the ashes of (buyer’s choice) Carl or Dennis Wilson.

Note that I don’t include Mike Love here — he’ll still be fronting the band.


2 comments on “Back to the till — er, beach

  1. billy james says:

    Why does it say stereo and mono four times?

  2. Todd Everett says:

    Because there are three separate CDs (two in the new box) and one 2-LP set, each including stereo and mono mixes of various elements; primarily the original album. The entire description is one convoluted paragraph; don’t know whether to blame that on Universal’s press department or the Billboard writer/

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