“See you real soon. Why? Because we want your $92!”

I’ve seen several stories on Disney’s raising their park admission prices — again — and a lot of reactions on the order of “we’re never able to [afford to] go there again”; either on principle, because it’s no longer affordable, or both.

The new top single-day adult admission price to Disneyland will be $92, a 6% increase (and only to Disney does anybody 10 and over qualify as “adult”). A year-long pass tops out at $669. That means for the price of about 7 single-day tickets, you can get into the parks all year long. (For nearly $1000, you can get into Disney World all year, too).

That’s a pretty damned good deal, if you like Disneyland.

Suppose it’s too damned good a deal? Every person in the park on an annual pass means that, probably, one person isn’t getting in for $92. Also, I’ll bet, passholders come alone or in pairs; not bringing the whole family. And Disneyland does sell out.

So following that reasoning (and I haven’t seen stats on this), suppose the Disney accountants figure they’re selling too many annual passes? Raise the price; thin the herd. Don’t do away with annual passes entirely. That’d cause entirely too big a stink; and, besides, Disneyland regulars are fiercely loyal

As to the raise in daily prices, why not? It’s not as though park attendance is significantly decreasing, though it may be a couple of points down. And everybody who comes into the park is going to spend money on food, hats with Mickey Mouse ears, snow globes, whatever. And they’re raising the parking prices, too.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the imagineers in Disney’s accounting department were working on a plan to charge customers for leaving early.

During the off-season, reduced prices are offered to people who live in local ZIP codes — the same group of people who’d buy season tickets, if they had more money.

Folks: no matter what they say, Disney doesn’t care about you; at least as an individual. What they do care about is tour buses full of tourists, big spenders from across one ocean or another, and others who will stay at the Disney hotel overnight; then go home.


One comment on ““See you real soon. Why? Because we want your $92!”

  1. Your “thin the herd” theory is probably spot on. In one of the Disney groups on Facebook, someone mentioned (just after the large price hike last year) that Disney execs look at the percentage of park visitors that are annual passholders, and bump up the prices when that number surpasses a certain number. He’d supposedly gotten that info from one of the said execs.

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