L.A.-area educator finds a better-paying job


In a July 21 Los Angeles Times article about ice cream truck drivers’ having to face the new ecomomy, Cyndia Zwahlen writes:

Across town, the upscale King Kone Ice Cream Co. truck launched last year by Teddy Lawrence and his wife, Naimeh, also has felt the recession’s chill.

Sales were encouraging when they first rolled out in their shiny, butter-yellow van in January 2008. Lawrence was successful enough to quit his day job as a teacher.

Business is not what it used to be, Naimah Lawrence tells the reporter, but not evidently not bad enough to send her husband back to the schoolroom.

Incidentally: what’s an “upscale” ice cream truck? One of those answers I really don’t want to even consider. But here you are.


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