*Meet the creator (of this blog)

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I’ve been kicking around the entertainment industry and journalism for several decades. I’ve worked on staff and freelance for record label advertising and publicity departments and the Capitol Record Club; written and segment-produced syndicated radio programs (Earth News with Lew Irwin and American Top 40 with Casey Kasem); was a staff reporter/reviewer for trade publications Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Cash Box); and edited magazines (Record Review, KIIS – The Newspaper and Ampersand).

For several years, I was the entire pop music staff of Los Angeles’s second-largest circulation newspaper, covering pop, rock, country, jazz and pretty much anything else that wasn’t “classical” ; for a decade following that, I covered the Ventura County theater beat for the Los Angeles Times, each week writing feature articles and reviewing local amateur and touring professional productions. (You can see much of my Times writing here).

While writing for The Times, I freelanced television and music reviews for Daily Variety.

And then there’s the weird stuff, like selling pipes and electric shavers at The Broadway department store; converting the Greek Theater’s mailing list to punch cards; and writing, directing and editing in the talking toy department at Mattel.